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An insult that is used to show disinterest, or frustration. To dismiss a wrongful statement or action. Bill Gates: I have so much more money than you!

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shove it/something up (one's) ass A rude, vulgar invective expressing disdain, contempt, disgust, or anger to someone (about something). Primarily heard in US. I'.

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shove/stick sth up your ass! used to tell someone angrily that you do not want or need something that they are offering you or telling you to do: If she asks me to.

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(idiomatic, colloquial, vulgar, imperative) An exclamation of extreme anger, disgust, hatred; often accompanied by an obscene gesture. @mryoung It means you reject something they say or offer, and maybe you are angry at it. Example: A:I will give you yuan that necklace. This.

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